How it Works

Our simple system is built around 2 kinds of volunteers:
Food Donors and Neighborhood Coordinators

1. Neighborhood Cordinators sign up friends and neighbors to be regular Food Donors. Every Food Donor gets our reusable green bag.

2. Shop for a Little Extra

Each week when Food Donors go food shopping, they buy an extra nonperishable item (or two) for hungry neighbors, take it home and store it in the bag.

3. Leave the bag

Every two months, on the second Saturday of every odd month, Food Donors put their green bags outside their front doors.

4. Deliver the Food

Neighborhood Coordinators pick up all the full green bags in their neighborhoods and leave the empty ones for next time. They take the bags to the local food bank (or other designated location) where volunteers are waiting to unload their cars, empty the bags, and sort all the food.