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1 in 7 Americans struggle with hunger.

The Gig Harbor Food Project is an innovative, new way to fight hunger in our community. You want to help. We make it easy.

*Note: the video says pickup is on even months. We will be doing pickups on odd months.

A Simple System That Really Works

EVERY 2 MONTHS, on the second Saturday of every odd month, our Neighborhood Coordinators pick up bags of healthy nonperishable food that neighbors have left outside their front doors. They leave empty green bags for next time, and take all the food to local Food Banks. It's that easy!

Fight Hunger in Your Own Backyard

Be a Food Donor

It takes: 15 minutes a month

Your role: Fill a green bag with nonperishable food every two months and put it outside your front door. That's all there is to it!

Impact: One full green bag equals about ten meals. We combine your bag with your neighbors' bags, and together we can feed the community!

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Be a Neighboorhood Coordinator

It takes: 1 hour a month

Your role: Pick up donors' green bags every 2 months and take them to local food banks.

Impact: Each donor's contribution averages 43 meals a year. With just 10 donors, you'll provide a meal to a hungry neighbor every 30 seconds you volunteer!

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Let's work together to fight hunger and strengthen our community

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